Put the American People Back in Charge of Their Government

I believe that government should be run by citizen legislators, not professional, career politicians. This is what our founding fathers had in mind, and the further we stray from this vision, the more dysfunctional our politics become.

We need leaders with real world experience, who see firsthand the needs of their community, have taken risks, and have lived the day-to-day struggle of everyday Americans. Our elected officials need to remember that they are elected to serve us, not their own ambitions or the desires of their political party or special interests. Entrenched politicians only worry about their next election and are unwilling to take positions that could jeopardize their political future; public servants do what is right for their district and what is in the best interest of the country, no matter the consequences.

In short, we need more regular people in Congress. People who serve for a short period of time and come back home to their regular lives. People with no vested interest in the position and no desire to accumulate power and wealth on the backs of the taxpayers. By sending such people to Congress, we end the partisan gridlock in Washington and finally get things done for the people.

That is why I am running for Congress. I want to bring my real world experience and common sense to D.C., serve for a maximum of six years, and then pass the torch on to the next citizen legislator. I will champion term limits, ending the reign of career politicians and entrenched interests and putting the people back in charge of their government. I sincerely hope that capable men and women of all backgrounds will run for Congress to consistently give voters a choice of new and innovative leaders rather than entrenched politicians.

While in Congress, I will continue the tradition of independent leadership for which the 10th District is famous, advocating for common sense solutions and ignoring partisan politics. As a medical professional and entrepreneur, I am uniquely qualified to address the problems facing our nation today and I am up for the challenge.

With my background and range of experiences, I am ready to speak for the many diverse faces that make up the tapestry of the 10th District. I am the proud son of immigrant parents who worked tirelessly and sacrificed so I could pursue the American dream. Born in Waukegan, I have lived in inner city communities and suburban neighborhoods, from Chicago to Libertyville. As I have traveled across the country supporting medical professionals, I’ve interacted with doctors, parents, teachers, small business owners, investors, and attorneys among others. I understand that it is the people, our shared values and optimism, that make our country great. It’s not our politicians. I will always remember that as I represent you in Congress.