My Plan to Bring Common Sense to Washington

As doctors, we live under an oath to “do no harm.” It seems that politicians in D.C. live under no such oath. America has the greatest heath care in the world, which is why everyone comes here for their medical care, yet Washington continues to do all it can to break our health care system. Government is manipulating the healthcare marketplace to the detriment of patients and taxpayers.

As a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, I have experienced the impact that government policies have on businesses and the lives of everyday people. And with my experience working with venture capitalists and angel investors, I have seen how entrepreneurs with big ideas can jumpstart a local economy.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, with half of the employees in this country being employed by a small business. Entrepreneurs make investments that expand and create new businesses which support job creation and economic growth. Yet instead of supporting them, our government seems to be doing everything it can to stifle the entrepreneurial spirit and keep people from achieving the American dream.

I believe that government should be run by citizen legislators, not professional, career politicians. This is what our founding fathers had in mind, and the further we stray from this vision, the more dysfunctional our politics become.

We need leaders with real world experience, who see firsthand the needs of their community, have taken risks, and have lived the day-to-day struggle of everyday Americans. Our elected officials need to remember that they are elected to serve us, not their own ambitions or the desires of their political party or special interests. Entrenched politicians only worry about their next election and are unwilling to take positions that could jeopardize their political future; public servants do what is right for their district and what is in the best interest of the country, no matter the consequences.