About Dr. Shah

Dr. Sapan Shah, a physician, successful entrepreneur, and family man from Libertyville, is running for Congress to bring real world experience and common sense to Washington, D.C.

In 2007, Dr. Shah founded Flagship Healthcare in Chicago to use his medical and legal expertise to assist with the business aspects of healthcare so medical professionals could spend their time practicing medicine. Today they support over 800 physicians and several hospitals throughout the country. Dr. Shah is a problem solver for physicians in private practice, advising on business decisions such as medical malpractice, contract negotiations, staffing, and risk management. He has seen firsthand the problems with our healthcare system and knows what to do to alleviate the financial burdens that families and medical professionals face.

Dr. Shah is running for Congress because he believes government should be run by citizen legislators. He wants to bring his real world experience and common sense to D.C., serve for a maximum of six years, and then pass the torch on to the next citizen legislator. While in Congress, he will continue the tradition of independent leadership for which the 10th District is famous, advocating for common sense solutions and ignoring partisan politics. As a medical professional and entrepreneur with a diverse background of experiences, he is uniquely qualified to address the problems facing our nation today.

Dr. Sapan Shah embodies the American dream. His father, Suresh, comes from a poor family in India. Suresh studied hard and earned his Master’s Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, which paved the way for him to receive a green card and immigrate to America. With no money or resources, he came to Waukegan and worked hard as a metallurgical engineer. It was there he met Rohini, who had immigrated to America with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, and later earned her CPA and opened up an accounting firm. The two got married in 1978, and Rohini gave birth to Sapan in Waukegan in 1980, and his sister, Sima, in 1982.

The family moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where Sapan excelled in school, graduating valedictorian of his high school and getting several opportunities to perform research at Harvard Medical School. Sapan was accepted into a prestigious direct medical program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where he graduated magna cum laude in just two years. He went on to earn his law degree in two years and his medical degree in four.

Sapan met his future wife, Rachna, when they were nineteen. They attended undergrad and medical school together. They were married in 2005 and moved back home to Chicago soon thereafter. Rachna went on to practice medicine, completing her Internal Medicine residency at Evanston North Shore Hospital and her Allergy & Immunology fellowship at Northwestern, while Sapan pursued his entrepreneurial passion.

In 2012, Sapan and Rachna bought a house in Libertyville on Oak Spring Road. The house has flooded twice, but with love and effort they have made a home for themselves. The two are best friends, spending as much time together as possible. They love traveling across the country and the world, and are on a quest to visit every U.S. National Park. Sapan is an avid sports fan, especially of his hometown Chicago Bears. He also serves as Membership Chair for Hyde Park Angels, an early stage investment group. Sapan has invested in twenty-five start-ups over the past three years. He is admitted to the Illinois Bar, and serves on the Board of Advisors for Burke Medical Research Institute. He is active in his Hindu Temple in Des Plaines, which places a strong emphasis on service to others, service to community, and service to country.