Today, Dr. Sapan Shah’s campaign began informing voters about the differences between Dr. Shah and his primary opponents, aspiring career politicians Jeremy Wynes and Doug Bennett.

Lifelong insider Jeremy Wynes is attempting to deceive voters about his career in politics and lack of real world experience, facts that are emphasized in the new television ad released by Dr. Shah’s campaign this morning. Wynes has leaned heavily on his insider political connections to run his campaign, connections developed from over a decade holding political jobs, including seven years lobbying lawmakers. See the ad here.

Both of Dr. Shah’s opponents can only talk about the issues facing our country, as unlike Dr. Shah they have no real world experience dealing with vital issues like health care and the economy. They are lifelong insiders and aspiring politicians, so it’s no surprise that both refuse to support term limits. The clear choice available to 10th District Republican Primary voters was made clear in mailers that began arriving in mailboxes today (see a copy here), and a digital ad released by the campaign this morning (see the ad here).

“Since Jeremy Wynes won’t tell the truth about his insider status, we will be happy to inform the voters for him,” said campaign spokesperson Spencer Sullivan. “Lifelong political insider Jeremy Wynes recently realized that voters don’t want an insider. Since then, he’s been trying to rebrand himself as an outsider while highlighting his many years of political experience. Jeremy Wynes clearly has become an expert at the double-talk we’ve come to expect from politicians.”’

Download the mailer here.

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