Today, Dr. Sapan Shah’s campaign released a new ad that highlights the truth behind Jeremy Wynes’ candidacy, and his false attacks against Dr. Shah.

Jeremy Wynes is attempting to distract voters from 3 key facts.

Fact 1: Jeremy Wynes is unemployed.

Fact 2: Jeremy Wynes was born almost 200 hundred miles outside the district.

Fact 3: Jeremy Wynes has spent the past decade as a political operative and lobbyist.

“Jeremy Wynes knows he can’t run on his record,” said campaign spokesperson Spencer Sullivan. “That is why he is attempting to distract from being unemployed, being born 200 miles outside the district, and having been a political operative for the past decade. This is a stark contrast from Dr. Shah’s record of creating jobs, being born in the district, and having real world experience in business and healthcare. These are the facts that Jeremy Wynes can’t run away from, no matter how many false attacks he uses.”

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