Momentum Clearly Behind Dr. Shah’s Campaign Heading Into Final Stretch

4th Quarter FEC Reports filed this week revealed that Dr. Sapan Shah far outpaced the rest of the Republican field for Congress in IL-10, with $337,545 raised in the 4th quarter. His opponents only raised $91,568 combined. Shah’s campaign ended the quarter with $602,000 cash on hand, nearly double his opponents’ combined total.

Shah’s challengers spent more than they raised in the 4th quarter, ending with less cash on hand than the previous quarter. Dr. Shah’s fundraising has increased each quarter, while his opponents’ quarterly fundraising numbers have decreased. Wynes raised $67,357 in the quarter and spent $70,722.59. Bennett raised $20,411 for the quarter and spent $33,293.20. In the 4th quarter, Dr. Shah raised over 4.5 times Wynes and over 16 times Bennett.

“Today, the 4th quarter fundraising reports revealed that we’re the clear frontrunner in this election,” said Dr. Sapan Shah. “It’s evident that families and small businesses are rejecting the insider politicians in this race. They’re looking for a citizen legislator who will bring common sense and real world experience to Washington. I’m ready to fight against entrenched DC politicians and put the American people back in charge of their government.”

View the FEC report here.

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