Congressman Brad Schneider Votes Against Children’s Health Care “DC Schneider” Votes to Shut Down Government

Today, Dr. Sapan Shah’s campaign criticized Congressman Brad Schneider for voting against the extension of the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years. In the same vote, Congressman Schneider voted to shut down the government.

CHIP is a vital program that allows for low-cost health care coverage to children and women who are pregnant. In the fiscal year 2016, Illinois received over $496 million in federal CHIP funding. Illinois had over 325,000 children dependent on the CHIP program.

“It was not surprising when ‘DC Schneider’ voted against real tax relief for families,” said campaign spokesperson Spencer Sullivan. “However, it’s incomprehensible that Schneider voted today to hurt some of the most vulnerable families and children in Illinois. It’s clear that Congressman Schneider’s loyalty to Washington politics is above helping children and women, and he’s willing to recklessly shut down the government just to play politics. Congressman Schneider can no longer claim he is an independent vote. As a physician, Dr. Sapan Shah lives under an oath to do no harm. It’s evident that Congressman Schneider and his fellow DC politicians live under no such oath.”