Dr. Sapan Shah, candidate seeking the Republican nomination for IL-10, is committed to being a citizen legislator. Dr. Shah signed the U.S. Term Limit Pledge that binds him to support legislation that will limit Congressional Members of the U.S. House of Representatives to serve three terms and U.S. Senators to serve two terms. Dr. Shah will also seek to join the Congressional Term Limits Caucus.

A political outsider, Dr. Shah believes that career politicians in Washington have become more concerned with their own jobs, rather than the jobs of the families and small business owners within their own district. Dr. Shah wants to bring real-world experience and common sense to D.C., serve for a maximum of six years, and then pass the torch on to the next citizen legislator.

“Being a successful entrepreneurial and doctor, I am sick of career politicians who lack real-life experience,” said Dr. Shah. “I am committed to being a citizen legislator who will care more about the jobs of my constituents, instead of my own. I will champion term limits, work to end the reign of career politicians and entrenched interests, and put the people back in charge of their government. It’s time to bring common sense solutions and real-world experience to Washington.”

“I challenge my primary opponents to follow my lead and sign the U.S. Term Limit Pledge,” concluded Dr. Shah.