Dr. Sapan Shah, candidate seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in IL-10, today congratulated telemedicine startup, Regroup Therapy, on receiving a Chicago Innovation Award. Dr. Shah was instrumental in securing early funding for the startup through his role at Hyde Park Angels and serves on the company’s Board of Directors.

“Congratulations to David, Justine, Greg, Naveen and the entire Regroup Team on receiving a Chicago Innovation Award,” said Dr. Shah. “Regroup Therapy is so exciting, as it extends mental health services to patients who need it most—at lower delivery costs and with greater overall cost savings. Theirs is a story of entrepreneurial dedication and success. It is innovators like these from right here in Illinois that are leading the way in catalyzing positive change in our healthcare system.”

At the 16th annual Chicago Innovation Awards hosted last night at The Harris Theatre, twenty-five companies were honored out of five hundred and thirty nominees. Past winners of this prestigious award include the American Cancer Society, Basecamp, CAT, and Orbitz.

Regroup Therapy, founded in 2011, increases access to mental health care services by providing virtual access anywhere in the nation to psychiatrists and therapists, drawn from a network of over 2,000 clinicians. Dr. Shah was the lead for Chicago investment group, Hyde Park Angels, in securing seed round investment for Regroup Therapy in 2016 and a second round of investment in 2017. This funding allowed Regroup Therapy to grow from five to approximately thirty employees.

“Regroup Therapy is yet another example of how entrepreneurs and innovators with big ideas can drive our economy and create jobs while improving our broken healthcare system. As a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, combined with my experience working with investors who help launch start-up companies that bolster our economy and create jobs, I am ready to go to Washington to bring leading-edge ideas and common sense to our government,” Dr. Shah concluded.