3rd Quarter FEC Reports filed this week revealed that Dr. Sapan Shah far outpaced the rest of the Republican field for Congress in IL-10, with $309,779 raised despite only officially announcing his candidacy on September 12th. Shah’s campaign ended the quarter with $305,949 in the bank, which also leads his opponents by substantial margins.

Shah’s challengers raised far less in the 3rd Quarter even though they both had big head starts, filing their campaigns several months ago. Jeremy Wynes raised $98,345 in the quarter and has $220,827 on hand. Douglas Bennett raised $8260 for the quarter and has $114,515 on hand, though his campaign also lists a debt of $115,600 for a candidate loan.

“As a political outsider it is tremendous to see the groundswell support for our message,” said Dr. Shah. “Momentum is crucial in campaigns, and I’m proud to say that we are leading the way in seeking the Republican nomination.”

“Our campaign will continue to work hard every day to earn the trust and support from the families and small businesses of our great state. It’s those same families and small businesses that have suffered greatly at the expense of our so-called leaders in Washington. Now more than ever, I am determined to bring common sense and real-world experience to Washington,” Dr. Shah concluded.

View Dr. Shah’s FEC Report.