Thank You
As you know, unfortunately we weren’t successful Tuesday night.
I ran for office because I have a great idealism about our country. I believe that only here in America is my story possible. Only in America can immigrants arrive with no resources and no money and still participate in the promise of America, bootstrapping themselves to a better life for themselves and their families. Only in America can the son of those immigrants work hard and find success, and then one day run for Congress to give back to the country that has given us so much.
In this race we focused on common sense and real world experience, and as an outsider this message resonated with many people. We felt confident that our campaign would be successful if a similar number of voters came to polls as prior primary elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Primary saw the lowest turnout the 10th District has ever seen, which was a big disadvantage for me.
I called Doug Bennett to congratulate him on winning the primary and will honor my pledge to support his candidacy so we can unite our Party and defeat Congressman Brad Schneider in November.
I want to specially thank my family, friends, and supporters who worked so hard on our campaign these past six months. Thank you to the many wonderful people I was able to meet and get to know along the way, sharing a passion for our great country. Thank you to the Cor Strategies team and Collin Corbett for great management and execution. And, most importantly, thank you to my wife and best friend, Rachna, for her constant support throughout this journey.
Yours in Friendship,
Dr. Sapan Shah